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Set your alarm for September 29th, for the most controversial television reality show is airing on Colors Tv on this date. The show is again hosted by the most loved of all Salman Khan. Rumors state that he is charging 31 crores for the show this year. We have so much more to tell you. Read the blog below to find out:


The last season of Bigg Boss was not such a hit, which had a theme of “Vachitra Jodi” that left everybody in confusion including the contestants. The season 12 of Bigg Boss did not earn much fame and was not such a success. Therefore, the makers are now thinking about making a lot of changes this season to make it a hit. The makers have claimed to spice up things this time. So, you might be thinking about what those new changes would be?


The first change is at the time of the show. The makers of the show have decided to air this show at 10 p.m. to 11 pm. everyday. The makers and producers made a similar change last air by airing the show at 9:00 pm. Now the time slot has been fixed to 10:00 pm. to 11:00 pm. everyday. It is said that Bigg Boss will replace two famous shows of Colors TV, that isBepanahPyaar and Vish: A Poisonous Story.


It is heard that Salman Khan would not be the only host this season. He will be accompanied by a well-known face of the television industry which has not yet been disclosed by the makers of the show.  It would be amazing to see a new host alongside our most favorite Salman Khan. Let’s wait till September 29th to find out who is the co-host this season.


This season is said to contain only celebrity contestants and no commoners unlike the past two seasons of Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss 13 is said to be the all celebrity reality show. Most of the names of final contestants have already been shortlisted by the makers of the show.


Salman Khan in an interview stated that the new theme of the Bigg Boss house will keep you shook. Rumors says that the team of Bigg Boss season 13 is deciding to make Horror House the new theme of the Bigg Boss house. However, it is not confirmed yet. The makers stated that they would use this theme for this year’s show only if things work out well.  I am not surprised about listening to this to be the theme of the show because many shows of the same genre are gaining a lot of popularity on Colors Tv. So why not?


The show always took place in the beautiful city of Lonavala, but this time the makers are shifting their location to somewhere else which is not yet disclosed. However, there are many rumors that the house will now be set up in Film City, Georgia in Mumbai. Let’s wait and see what the new location of the show be and would this location be as good as Lonavala was?


We have learned from our sources that Chunky Pandey is ready to be the first contestant on Bigg Boss 13. He has been finalized to be in the house this season. Apart from Chunky Pandey, the ex-Bollywood star Zaira Wasim has also been approached by the Bigg Boss team. And she seems very much interested in spending her days in the Bigg Boss House. The star has already confirmed that she has quit Bollywood and now she would be seen in Boss Boss Season 13 which has been premiering on the 29th of September 2019. Apart from Zaira Wasim, we are also expecting to see Aditya Narayan in the season this year. All the buzz of the season is making this season a lot more interesting than the other seasons.


Since it is an all-celebrity season, we can expect it to be scripted too, to gain the fame and spice that the last season lacked and turned into a disaster. The makers will now do everything to get the spice of the show back by hook or by crook. Since the theme of the show is rumored to be Horror House, so we can expect some of the contestants to be the ghost contestants in the show just like the Secret Society in a previous season of Bigg Boss.

We have always heard from the contestants about the house being haunted. So this year the makers of the Bigg Boss will also try to use some visual aspects to make this house a horror one.

The theme of the show is quite interesting and it will develop more interest of the audience in the show. If this theme finalizes then this show will surely be a hit.

However, no matter how many assumptions we make about the show. We will not be able to know everything by the time it is started because the makers of Bigg Boss 13 try to maintain the charm of the show by not disclosing much before the release date.

Are you excited to see how this season goes? Let’s wait till the 29th of September and find out how the show goes.


The global audience of the show can now watch Bigg Boss full episodes on the same date they are aired on by watching Bigg Boss online. There are plenty of links available that are airing Bigg Boss this year online. Grab some good links for yourself before the 29th of September to watch Bigg Boss online on the same day it is aired.

So, stay tuned all the fans of Bigg Boss for all the new updates and news about the most controversial Indian show.

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