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You might have already heard the rumors that there would be a new host alongside Salman Khan this season. The rumors are that the new host is Anup Jalota, the ex-contestant of Bigg Boss house who is a devotional singer and teaches music to its students. He is also known as Bhajan Samrat which was the name given by Salman Khan to him during the show.

Anup Jalota entered the Bigg Boss House last season with one of his students JasleenMatharu. They entered the Bigg Boss show as a couple and soon after entering the show this unique couple gained a lot of popularity. Later, they both confirmed that they did not have any relationship and they made it up for the show. They both have also agreed upon it after evicting from the show too. Due to this relationship controversy, Anup Jalota was one of the most famous contestants of Bigg Boss 12. We often saw Salman Khan teasing Anup Jalota on the show and it looked like they shared great chemistry. However, in this season, we have heard that he is coming to co-host the show with Salman Khan.

In a recent interview, Anup Jalota said that he is entering the Bigg Boss 13 house this season and might co-host with Salman Khan. So, now it is quite clear that we might see Anup Jalota again in the show not with Jasleen this time but with Salman Khan. Let’s wait and watch how it turns out.


Just like every other season, Salman Khan has risen his prices this season too. Every year people are interested in knowing how much the celebrity is charging this year. So, we are here to answer this question for you.

Salman Khan after denying to host the show every season does it after increasing his prices. The trend is still in full swing this year as Salman Khan has increased his prices yet again. We have heard from our sources that Salman Khan is charging 31 crores this year for every weekend. Yes, you heard it right! Every weekend! This totals his income to be Rs. 403 crores for all the episodes in the season. The makers do not want to disappoint their audience and hence hire Salman Khan as a host every year because he brings the most TRP to the show and we all love him. So, now you can see how much our love for Salman Khan is costing the makers of the show.


The Marathi version of Bigg Boss is also set to be on-screens this year for all the Marathi fans of Bigg Boss. The show will have the most popular Marathi contestants in the show. The Marathi version of Big Boss is said to be shot at Film City and is said to be premiere on May 26th before the original Bigg Boss. This show has Mahesh Manjrekar as his host and is aired on Colors tv in the Marathi language for all the Marathi Bigg Boss fans out there.


There is so much new for you in Bigg Boss this year which includes the change in location of the Bigg Boss house too. The Bigg Boss will not be shot in the usual resort of Lonavala, however, it will be shot at Film City, Georgia in Mumbai. Which gives rise to the question about how the new house of Bigg Boss will be? Will it be as good as the old house? We will have to wait to find out about it. Because as yet, there is nothing that the makers of Bigg Boss revealing right now.


Ridhi Dogra has recently been in news for her 7-year-old broken marriage with husband Raqesh Bapat. Sources have confirmed that she has approached by the Bigg Boss team to be a part of the show as Bigg Boss final contestant and she has signed the deal to be locked up in the Bigg Boss house. It would be fun to see how she acts in the Bigg Boss house after the tragically broken marriage. There is a chance that his ex-husband Raqesh Bapat will also be on the show to create some spice and controversy in the show. Since the old show was a flop, the makers are trying their best to all spices in this new season of Bigg Boss. We wish Ridhi Dogra all the luck for the Bigg Boss house and we pray that she wins this show after her tragic marriage.


It is heard that this time people can also vote online at the official website of Bigg Boss which means that the voting now will not only be restricted to the audience in India but people from all over the world can vote for their favorite contestants in Bigg Boss online in few simple steps. The show has fans all over the world and people are going crazy listening to the news that they would be able to vote this time. Moreover, the makers have also generated a platform online for audiences all over the globe to watch Bigg Boss online. Bigg Boss full episodes will be uploaded online to facilitate its audience throughout the world. So, this year the makers of Bigg Boss are planning to retain their worldwide audience back to the show by providing ease to them.

This season of Bigg Boss looks very promising to us and we are looking forward to following the show throughout 22nd January when the Bigg Boss final episode will be on-aired on Colors Tv.

We will be here again with a lot of new buzz and updates about the new season of Bigg Boss. So stay tuned with us to find out more news and information.

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